• Executive Dashboard with GIS & Key Performance Indicators: Quickly Identify Trends and Problem Areas

  • OLAP Analytics for Energy Business Intelligence

  • Financial Analysis, Billing & Reporting

  • Meter Data Management (AMI)

  • Operational Policy Management for Energy Efficiency

  • Benchmarking & Energy Star Performance Rating

  • Carbon footprint & Sustainability Management

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  • 1. Why Energy Business Intelligence is important:

    • Energy expenses in non-residential buildings are the leading cause of increased operational costs (Dept of Commerce & Labor).
    • Businesses typically spend 30% or more than needed on energy (EPA).
    • Peak demand fees/penalties are 25% or more of a total energy bill for many companies, with most not knowing why or when the penalties are occurring.
    • Flat rates are NOT a true benefit to the utility consumer or the utility provider.
    • Driving energy consumption down is easier for property intensive corporations than driving revenue up to compensate for increasing operation costs.
    • Better performing buildings are more marketable -- 3.6% higher for Energy Star labeled properties & 4.1% higher for LEED properties.
    • Profitable companies of the future are seeking alternative sources of energy and looking for ways to sell excess capacity.
  • 2. The Financial BENEFITS of iEnergyIQ:

    • iEnergyIQ is Master Decision Support system for your company’s energy cost management. iEnergyIQ provides significant, measurable financial returns to the company's bottom line.
    • iEnergyIQ enables you to achieve up to 40% energy cost reduction with ROI less than 1.5 years
    • iEnergyIQ Enterprise Energy Management System provides companies with:
      • Financial Analysis and Management
      • Energy Business Intelligence
      • Benchmarking - Energy Performance Rating
      • Operational Policy for Energy Efficiency
      • Carbon footprint & Sustainability Management
      • Billable Demand Management & Reduction
      • Continuous Energy Efficiency Improvement
      • Energy Audit - Operations Insight
      • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
      • Measurement & Verification
      • Meter Data Management (AMI)
      • Integration with Enterprise Accounting/ERP systems
      • Integration with Building Automation systems
  • 3. Financial Analysis & Management

    • Comprehensive Energy Billing for TOU/RTP (Time of Use / Real Time Pricing) Tariffs based on advanced Billing Engine configurable to most tariffs
    • Utility Bills Auditing/Forensics
    • Financial Reporting for Organization, Organization Units, Facilities, offices, and different periods
    • Daily cost tracking for usage, demand, power factor of each period, facility, space, equipment
    • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Cost calculation for each facility, Space, Equipment
    • Utility Tariff Analysis and Optimization
    • Charge Back for Organizational Units, Departments, Offices
    • Key Performance Indicators for Financial Efficiency
  • 4. Energy Business Intelligence

    • Executive Dashboard with Geographical Information System (GIS) and KPI Scorecards
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Energy Cost and Trends based on Business Goals, type of Business and Type of Facilities
    • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Multi-dimensional Cube with Drill Down and Roll Up ad-hoc analytics
    • Advanced Dynamic Reporting based on OLAP cube
    • Data Warehouse & OLAP Cube Database
    • Data Mining, What-If modeling and Predictive Analysis
  • 5. Benchmarking - Energy Performance Rating

    • KPI for Energy Operational Efficiency of Facilities, Spaces, Equipment
    • Continuous Energy Efficiency improvement and Benchmarking
    • Energy Performance Rating for Energy Star (integration with EPA Portfolio Manager)
    • Equipment operation efficiency analysis and benchmarking
    • Facility and Spaces benchmarking to identify best and worst performance areas, buildings, etc
  • 6. Operational Policy for Energy Efficiency

    • Energy Efficiency Operational Policy Designer with an rich advanced Silverlight GUI
    • Policy definition (when to turn equipment or areas on/off or up/down based on complex rules) using Policy Language and Business Rules engine
    • Policy definition is based on Tariffs & Operational data and designed to minimize Energy cost
    • Real-Time Policy monitoring (is the spaces/equipment running inside policies constraints and manufacturers specs)
    • Real-Time Policy Compliance enforcement - alerts/notifications
    • Policies can be optimized by Business Intelligence Analytical engine
    • Real time metering (AMI) from all facilities/spaces/equipments to feed decision rules engine
    • Building automation systems integration (integrate with Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Allerton, Delta, etc)
  • 7. Carbon footprint & Sustainability Management

    • Tracking and Reporting on all Green Houses gases defined in Kyoto Protocol
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Carbon footprint and other green house gases per area, energy intensity, transaction, revenue, visitors, etc
    • Green Gases KPI and Reports for Organization, Organization Units, Facilities, Spaces, Equipment and any period
    • Green House Gases trends
    • OLAP Ad-Hoc Analytical Queries, Drill Down & Roll Up for Green Gases
    • Renewable certificates management
  • 8. Billable Demand Management & Reduction

    • Billing Engine & Billing / Tariff analytics to identify billable demand cost, power factor charges for TOU/RTP
    • OLAP analytics to optimize Energy Sources usage: local generation versus utility
    • Demand Control Policy design and optimization via iEnergyIQ Financial Analytics
  • 9. Measurement and Verification

    • Measure and Verify Contractors Performance & Energy Efficiency Projects ROI
    • Key Performance Indicators show efficiency trends and impact of projects on energy efficiency
    • Measurement & Verification Reports
  • 10. Meter Data Management (AMI)

    • Real-time sub-metering of facilities, spaces, equipment
    • Dynamic monitoring of demand, energy use, power factor, reactive power, voltage, currency
    • Real-time aggregation of Interval Meter Data in Data Warehouse and OLAP cube database
    • Real-Time Dynamic Charting of any Metering Channel
    • Rolling demand & Power Factor calculation
    • Virtual Metering
    • Support for all smart meters via Internet gateways

    iEnergyIQ EEMS provides customers with robust monitoring, reporting, analytics, management, control, charts & graphs with an interactive & easy to use map based dashboard…all connected to the work tools used every day within organizations.

"Energy Intelligence for Smart Power"
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